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04-14-2009, 10:37 AM
Hi all,

Sorry, Newbies questions :)
I'm searching information about this protection and I did not find a lot of article/tutorial even on the site.

I'm looking at this protection in a specific context. It is used by NinjaTrader (free d/l) and the 3rd party addons.
In NT, we can implement indicators in C# and export them as dll protected with salamander.

Using reflector on a custom dll, I can see obfuscated methods, and there's an error when trying to disassemble.

In my own NT indicator I instanciate a type implemented in the dll.
Using emit, I can list the methods and access the IL code with GetILAsByteArray.

This IL code can be disassembled ?
If you have some ideas on the way to proceed thanks :)