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07-09-2010, 08:42 AM
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Hello, I am trying to emulate a old senitnel pro dongle. I have came to the conculsion that the only way to do this is using ucl 2.20 by meteo from reading this forum. I have also tried Edge2007 "Fixed" and the previous un fixed version.but the dumpers did not work, I also did'nt find an alternative dumper or a convertor of a dumper file format that works. As I understand there is a modification needed in the code when using UCL 2.2 emulator to get it to work. Could someone here with a bit of experience please please help me with this, I can offer my friendship and help/service from my part of the world in exchange (no money) if you could just do it for me as I think it will be fruitless for me to continue on this. I've already searched for a solution for around 30 hrs many on this forum.. no joke. I have the orignal dongle from which I got the spro.dat file using the readsp.exe program (safe-key dumper). Thanks in advance. Just to remind you again it "sentinel pro" not "super Pro" and there are not many options for this dongle.

I can offer russan/ Ukrainian to english translation

Is there a work flow that one should continue please "retrieve the essence of information". Just a question what is so secret about this whole forum everything is cryptic. It seems as if some people take joy in concealing what they know even regarding widely available tools. Is that what the internet is about. Or is it about enpowering normal people without much resources to better themselfs and humanity by providing and sharing information through the internet community. I can see that a lot of people have read this page. I am sure someone has an idea but relish knowing that they know and I don't. I also know many things you don't either let me tell you. When you know, its easy right. But whats even more intelligent is making information accessable.

So anyone want to clear up the practical steps involved in producing a working sentinel pro emulator first. Thank you. Is the following right ?


2.decrypt spro.dat from readsp.exe and convert to reg file
create reg file created from toro "sentmon" but must have driver 7.3.x
and the expiration date of the driver or your system clock cracked.

3. obtain internal connection scheme.

4. Find the reg file format using the following information
typedef struct
WORD Response0;
WORD Response1;
WORD Response2;
WORD Response3;
BYTE obfuscation[52];

5. Use with ucl sentinel 2.20 emulator ?http://www.reteam.org/board/images/smilies/cool.gif

So it begs to question how do we get started on this work. show me the tools and where to start