View Full Version : How to use Dongle tool under Win 98 SE

09-04-2011, 09:36 PM
I had posted another thread before,
May be i did not made myself clear before, in fact the only thing i would like to ask is that:

How to use made a dongle under Win 98 OS.

I had download an attachement here which is shown as follow...
I had put the HASP95.VXD into the system file as it mentioned. However, after i restart the machine and run the program, there is still no key detected.....

As these stuff are new to me, i would like to ask what should i do with the resource i have, any idea?

I had used Sentemul 2007 quite some time on XP.... But it does not run under Win 98.... therefore i need to find another way to do so.......

More information, i've got a LPT port licent key with me, and a dump file made for Sentemul 2007. I guess the only thing i need will be a older version of Sentemul........ anyone got the idea of where i can find this stuff?