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elkan 12-24-2020 01:43 PM

hasp srm

I like to learn emulate hasp srm.
But when i ask for help on the board i get only paid help.
I thought that the board was for helping people with your knowledge and not for PM people and offer a paid solution.

So this treat isn't for business guys who only like to make money !

I like to make a dongle clone for omniplayer

I work non-profit for local radio.
We there use omniplayer, i love the program and like to have it my self.

When i found someone who had a dongle copy from lostdongle. i thought it was simple to dump that copy for a new dongle, but it wasn't.

I can use the real dongle for cloning, but it has conditions.
-i only allowed to have the clone for only my self, it my not be leaked or shared
- must do cloning it my self not by companies to exclude the risk of leaking. (as happens with the copy from losdongle)

I do understand the risk for the company and accept it.

I have all install files for omniplayer. (a lot versions)

I have the SRM kit tools from exetools (209)

I did clone a dongle earlier (hasp4 for jazler)
but on that moment hasp srm wasn't used for dongles and the tools are good and very simple to use.

Now i have the srm tool kit i thought i will be simple again.

I start to dump SRM and HASP4/HL with Sentinel SRM/HASP/HL Dumper v.1.3 b (private)

I got a lot files:
for SRM

after that i used vidtool and extract
vendor sessions AES
HASP PW1+PW2 hex and dec.
vendor id.

Then i used HASP HL/SRM Q/A Table Extractor 2.1b (public)
again i get a lot files.
DTable / ETable bin's and reg's
SRMTableD / SRMTableE bin's and reg's

I thought now it's simple put al info from the file's at a new .reg file

But now it comes
De emulator running well.
I can use a very old version of omniplayer.
But when i start new version i got the sentinel LDK error. so i change things but won't work.

By testing i found that when i not add the SRMTable to the regfile the results are the same.
So i conclude the SRMTable isn't working and the new version is used it.

The i did try a lot possibilities and also made a DTable and ETable, also not the solution.

Now i don't no anymore what i doing wrong.
Isn't the SRM kit and the tools not working for my SRM ?
Did i forgot something ?
Perhaps i need to convert some extracted information before i can use.

I don't have to money to buy the package or dongle clone from lostdongles.
And if i have, i don't like the machine id lock,
i change my computer sometimes and don't wanna pay again.
I can't share the dump's from the company
For now i only can use 1 of the first versions.
Also by the exetools SRM tools Kit isn't a manual and i don't have access to the board.
So i'm stuck, i hope you understand.

I know there are not a lot people which can do for SRM.
If you can you're a specialist,
I also know it possible to learn how to do it,
But information on internet isn't widely available and no one like to share. (i also under stand but how to learn it without a teacher)

And my last difficulty is that i'm not so very good at english and certainly no technical english.

Sorry for the long massage but i like to explain.
I hope that there are some people who not only like money and share knowledge as it's normale on this board.

Maybe someone knows whats missing / or can tell me if i had used the right tools and steps.

For now thanks for reading

user1 12-25-2020 04:01 AM

because I can NOT help with PRIVATE stuff that I made during many years of RE research this DUDE insulted me.
I had enough of this empty talk and wrote him


Reverse Engineering Team Board
Thu, Dec 24, 10:45 PM (11 hours ago)
to me

Dear user1,

You have received a new private message at Reverse Engineering Team Board from elkan, entitled "Re: SRM".

To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

This is the message that was sent:

---Quote (Originally by user1)---
not possible.

Please do NOT waste my time.

---End Quote---

AND him insulted me like :


F*** ***

admin please take proper steps.

BfoX 12-25-2020 11:43 AM

elkan, you get the dongle emulator with trial time and now want to crack it?! =)
try to ask author for support ...


Originally Posted by elkan
Hi Guys

I looking for a license generator for my emulator.
The problem is that this one isn't vallid any more.
has a machine id and time lock. (valid to 29-11-2020)
I think its a vusbbus but also possible its multikey or mkey.
It's HSP SRM key

elkan 12-28-2020 10:08 AM

I thought i write it clear but for who not understand.

I can also clone a real dongle from company !

Like to have support how to do that.
I write al steps what i have done so far.
I not asking for TOOLS or SOFTWARE.
I already have.
I like to learn how to clone the hasp srm.

But activate de LD licence is also a option for me.
All i want is my software works.

BTW why would dongle clone company's on this form?
They send private massages and tell their help is a paid solution.
Why not help learning people how to do it and only try to get money.
I guess that they learning it also from others.

bolota 12-28-2020 12:03 PM

maybe wbaes

ps: your mail is full

user1 12-31-2020 06:04 AM

some made it with hard working day and night, wasted years to reverse this crap, some here with reputation are the mf authors of emulation !

bolota 12-31-2020 01:53 PM

great reversers
you are right, I respect a lot those people who reversed this protection, even though I don't have access to this tools.

user1 01-01-2021 05:04 AM

:) all new solutions are custom made

need a lot of time and experience solve them.

that;s why I not shared my work anyone ask it.

not fair play send people that NOT appreciate only need to destroy companies by making unlimited solutions,

I know value of hard work, I m developer also and like also RE and understand situation.

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