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Snowdrop 02-13-2009 07:57 PM

Cracking kit 2012

This kit has everything the original Cracking Kit 2012 has, but boasts a much more expansive and better range of tools.

We have decided to include as many different versions of soft as possible (to target different digital signatures).

You may have noticed the payload has increased in terms of overall size of the kit - testament to how much work we have put into it.

Oh and we heard you - now we have tutorials, links, and crackmes, and a whole suite of other tools to help you out even more.

Also, many folks have told us they're using the kit to study malware.

We welcome the use of this kit for this purpose. Malware has close ties to reverse engineering anyways :p

This is our final edition of the kit, as it has everything you need to do full blown RCE.

Sure, new tools will crop up to deal with new protection methods, and times will change, but until then, we've left The Scene.

This is our gift, and our legacy to you. Say thanks in your replies, and spread the kit as much as possible. kthxbai

We have used a Wuala to host this kit. This is the best solution for free users. (No waiting. Direct downloads).


DISCLAIMER: Run in a virtual machine. Run in a sandboxed environment. These are Reverse Engineering tools.
INFORMATION: If you want to know what's inside (file listings, screenshots), consult iNFO.rar, please:


CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part1.rar;MD5:94D88879FDB91C68D3DA77F26DB3C359 [698 MB]
CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part2.rar;MD5:51FEAB3B3656950AC3B0BA933826642A [698 MB]
CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part3.rar;MD5:ABC9E9C4B7D8FDB31B244E361BCE677D [698 MB]
CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part4.rar;MD5:BBA798DE8CBD6FA98B9BFFF4D4756516 [698 MB]
CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part5.rar;MD5:AF2DA2C5092A04188DD0B67F14C4F1C8 [698 MB]
CKIT2.0.1.2PDEUX.part6.rar;MD5:4BB296A0C6170EB8039C7F6D5CE11FC9 [523 MB]
Check 'iNF0.RAR' for Kit Contents + Details + File Listings
[un]Packed:...6.23 GB
[..]Packed:...3.91 GB




ISO MD5: 546035A1F3451E332BB599C59CF791D0

"Long live reversing"

pxl 02-16-2009 04:00 PM

Thanks for contributing these really nice collections. :-)

antivirus 02-16-2009 07:16 PM

Is all the virus alert are false positive?
Is all the virus alert I get are falses positives?

There so much and many of them are not generic.. ?
scanned by avast...

Snowdrop 03-19-2012 02:41 PM

New direct Wuala links added. Use these for doing remote uploads with your hoster of choice :)

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