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Bin2DTable V1.39 16 October 2009

Bin2DTable converts files containing 4096 byte blocks of Hasp HL Q/A pairs into text file containing registry info suitable for inclusion in MultiKey V16 and V18 formats and other emulators. The two formats are produced in 2 separate files.

Usage :

Bin2DTable filelist

'filelist' is one or more filenames, each containing 4096 bytes HaspHL Q/A block. Use of wildcards is permitted.

Examples :

Bin2DTable file1.bin ; coverts file1.bin
Bin2DTable file1.bin file2.bin ; converts file1.bin and file2.bin
Bin2DTable *.bin ; converts all files in the current directory
; with suffix bin
Bin2DTable *.nib file1.bin file2.bin *.hex file3.bin ; you never know

Format of the 4096 byte HaspHL block file. This is a binary file containing 128 consequetive 16 byte Answers followed by the corresponding 128 consequetive 16 byte Queries. The block is usually extracted from an enveloped file by known methods.

Output files. Two output files are produced for each input file. Given an input file named file1.bin, the two output files will be file1_QATable.txt and file1_DTable.txt. file1_QATable.txt has and array of 128 lines of 16 bytes, each under the Value name QTable, followed by the corresponding array under the Value name ATable. This format is suitable for inclusion in registry files for V16 of the MultiKey emulator and other VUSB emulators. file1_DTable.txt has the 1 line per Q/A pair format used by MultiKey V18 registry files. Concatenation of the output files into a working registry file is up to the reader.

The utility is a 32 bit command line program and returns the following values for use in a batch file :

00 : Success
05 : Incorrect input parameters
10 : Input file not found
15 : Input file length incorrect
20 : Could not read ATable data
25 : Could not read QTable data
30 : Could not open D registry output file
35 : Could not open QA registry output file

The program will report Usage information if it's name is typed with no parameters, or a single parameter of /?, ?, -?, /h, h, or -h

THIS IS NOT A DUMP SOLVER. If you do not know what the 4096 byte table is, you do not need this.

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