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Default SafeDump V1.28

Remove the ".zip" from each filename to leave SafeDump128.part1.rar and SafeDump128.part2.rar

SafeDump V1.28 18 October 2009

NOTE : This utility needs V7.5.0 or later of the Sentinel drivers, "Sentinel Protection Installer 7.5.0.exe"

SafeDump dumps data from Sentinel dongles of the SuperPro family, including SuperPro XM and Sentinel Dual Hardware Key in SuperPro emulation mode, but not UltraPro. It saves data in the familiar format used by PVA V3.3 dumper. It has two main new features compared to earlier dumpers. Firstly it gives a full summary of the dongle's info with the later extended info command. Secondly, it interrogates that info for the presence of a Password Counter and will NOT attempt to bruteforce the Write Password if it detects that the dongle is protected by a Password Counter. So in order to find the Write Password by brute force, two things must happen : you must provide 'wp' or 'WP' as the second parameter, AND the dongle must report that it does NOT have a Password Counter. Only then will brute force be attempted. This makes it much much safer to find WP than with a normal dumper. However, things can go wrong, programs can have bugs, so you use this program completely at your own risk. No liability will be accepted for broken dongles or any other damage. The program has been tested on 32bit and 64bit Windows. If you find any problems, please report them on RETB or Exetools. Please give full details of what you were doing and what did ot did not happen that you think is an error. The clearer your error report, the sooner the bug gets fixed.

Usage :

SafeDump 0xDevID [wp]
0xDevID : Attempts to dump the dongle with the given hexadecimal DevID
wp      : Checks if the dongle has Password Counters, if it does NOT have the
          counters then attempts to find the WP of the dongle by brute force.
Output files. The output file is a binary file consisting of 64 bytes of Access Code info, 128 bytes of Cell data info, and 4096 bytes for each Algo cell representing 1024 DWORDs per Algo cell.

The utility is a 32 bit command line program and returns the following values for use in a batch file :

00 : Success

05 : Incorrect input parameters
10 : DevID incorrectly formatted
15 : DevID incorrectly formatted
20 : RNBOsproFormatPacket failed with <error code>
25 : RNBOsproInitialize failed with <error code>
30 : RNBOsproSetContactServer failed with <error code>
35 : RNBOsproFindFirstUnit failed with <error code>
40 : RNBOsproGetKeyType failed
45 : Key family is UltraPro
50 : Key family is UNKNOWN
55 : Key form is UNKNOWN
60 : RNBOsproGetKeyInfoEx failed
65 : Dongle is not a SuperPro, program will quit
70 : Could not open dump file <filename> for writing
75 : Error writing Access Codes to dump file <filename>
80 : Error writing Cell Data to dump file <filename>
85 : RNBOsproQuery reports error <error code>

100 : Unable to find WP
105 : Not safe to find WP, brute force not executed

The program will report Usage information if it's name is typed with no parameters, or a single parameter of /?, ?, -?, /h, h, or -h

Example session :

D:\DEV\safedump\release>safedump 0x1234
  Key family is         = SuperPro
  Key form is           = USB
  Key has               = 256 cells
  serverName            = 0
  serverIPAddress       = 0
  serverIPXAddress      = 0
  version               = 7.5.0
  protocol              = NONE
  devId                 = 0x1234
  serialNum             = 0x4321
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_AES_ALGO
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_PASSWORD_COUNTER  ****!! DO NOT BRUTEFORCE WP !!****
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_SECURE_TUNNEL
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_DISABLE_DEVICE_SHARING
  hardLimit             = 3
  inUse                 = 0
  numTimeOut            = 0
  highestUse            = 0
  subLicLimit           = 0
  subLicInUse           = 0

Processing dongle 1234
Finding cell data...
Found 2 Query cells
cell = 0x30
cell = 0x3e

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