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The file won't run because you only sent me the dlls and not the installer, but if you open the app in cff explorer, go to the methods section under Tables. Go to method 9290, and that is the entrypoint method. I'm not sure if there's some kind of login form or something, because again I can't load the program, but if there is you could probably patch this method to load the mainform instead.

This is the method:

L_00000000:   call 0x06000005
L_00000005:   call 0x0A000E34
L_0000000A:   call 0x0A0011AB
L_0000000F:   leave.s 0x00000012
L_00000011:   endfinally
L_00000012:   call 0x06002468
L_00000017:   ldarg.0
L_00000018:   callvirt 0x0A000E2F
L_0000001D:   ret
If there's some sort of registration form or a login form, you can probably just patch it to load the mainform, as I said above. You can try patching it in Reflector with the ReflexIL plugin, and if that doesn't work (it should), then open the app in a hex editor and go to 0x108FB0 (method start), and edit the method that way.

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