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Default I apologize if someone my messaging came across as deceptive...


I apologize if somehow my messaging came across as deceptive and I assure you that is not my intent. I do have a _real job_ as a software design engineer and I do dabble with XBOX modding. The truth is that we are looking at various obfuscation tools, other than the standard DotObfuscator. My manger or Boss or whatever you want to call him, seems to be sold on XHEO and he brought this up during one of our team meetings and said that he talked directly with XHEO and they told him it is the most secure thing out there.

Of course my work with XBOX modding makes me question any product that is deemed uncrackable. With this being said, I started doing some research and one of my modding mates said he though Valhalla was protected with XHEO.

My mission has been to provide evidence that it’s not uncrackable and I choose to use Valhalla as an example because I too do not agree with selling software when the components have been cracked and I get the added benefit of demonstrating to my team that it is crackable.

Sure, we all know that some protection is better than none, so it’s very possible that XHEO is still the solution we go with.


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