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Originally Posted by alisa View Post
very good job y8y8y8y .
we need people like you, instead of saying "google it" read everything. they think it is like mystery and they are onlu capable to doing that. there are many useless people like that there.
really appriciate your good job.
Please keep it up.

first i don't want make flame on you, but you must respect for the people that don't want to share everything they know, do you thing they find it easy? no...they spent all time they have to search it and suddenly people like us (maybe me) want to know it
and ask how to do it instanly...
What do you do if some newbie ask to you how to emulate and ask all you know and all tool you have did you give it everything? .. I think NO!... (and why you password emulator tool on your page heh?)


I think they are not useless people... they contribute to the scene many good reverser like cE, Bfox, tch2k, sats and rest will not tell everything except we have something to exchange with them.

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