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Default Hasp 6.60 reverse help

One of the software uses the above protection in .Net. There are no hardware locks in this software, only software.

There are 2 ways we can activate the softaware, online mode and c2v/v2c mode.

What I want to do is, copy the c2v/v2c file from one computer and install it in another computer. For this the hasp id on both the machines have to be the same.

In the existing license of the computer, the same vendor has supplied 2 programs. In both the softwares, the hasp id remains the same. So its based on some hardware of the system.

My questions is:

1. How does the hasp id generated in the above version.
2. How can I replicate the same hasp id on another machine.
3. I dug through the code but cant reach the relevant code for this id generation. Its obsfucated code in dll.
4. In the admin control center, localhos:1497, you can see the webpage where it gives the haspid. But the respective html pages are not in the computer. Where is this located.

How to go about the whole process. Any help would be appreciated. I have cr@cked some programs (win32 & .Net) in the past.
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