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Default install problem Vista64 and Multikey

Hi Guys

I have a serious problem with getting the Multikey emulator to install on my Vista 64 bit notebook.

I have used Git’s nice tool (dmp2mkey v. 23) to do a dump of my Sentinel superpro dongle and it worked fine.

My problem is every time I try to install the multikey emulator, by using install.cmd (running as admin) I get the message “No devices were removed. Devcon failed.”

I have tried many approaches to get around this (I have admin rights in the Vista)

- I have added my multikey dir path to Vistas path.
- downloaded new devcon 64 file and put it in the windows dir
- done all the calls from a dos prompt ex.: devcon install multikey.inf root\multikey
- I have used the below link as guideline ntinel

Can anyone come up with a clue ?

Regards to you all

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