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OK lets all work together on this!!!!

I think this file is protected with acprotect 1.41, not ultraprotect.

Im not sure if i got the correct OEP because I'm having trouble fixing the imports with ImportREC.

Ok First what you need to do is in Olly's options check all the tabs under exceptions, that's how i got it to run until the ACP ok message.

When you see the OK message goto the memory view in olly and set a breakpoint on access on dragonbots rdata section.

and the click OK and read the address olly breaks on, and thats what im using for OEP.

I load up importrec attach to an open dragonbot.exe and type in the last 4 numbers from the OEP click IAT autosearch then get imports.

This returns a long list with one api that is invalid, but when i right click and use the trace3 option it finds it, and then i fix dump and get an error when i open it.

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