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Hi Kao,

Borland/Embarcadero ship "Wise Owl Demeanor for .NET Personal Edition" with Delphi. I was able to find 3.0 and 4.0 versions on DVDs, but not v5.0. Which version were you testing?
I tested v5.0.

You are safe using the personal edition only. There is no price for this edition on the Wise Owl's site so I do not known how much does it cost.
The enterprise edition brings you cross-assembly obfuscation, incremental obfuscation, the non-existent control-flow obfuscation, and the simple string "encryption". I think a general deobfuscator might be able to remove the string encryption and may be the control-flow. I can even write one but I don't think its worth it.

Any technical differences in Personal vs. Enterprise? Any improvements in 5.x compared to 4.x?
As far as I know the only differences between the editions is the set of command-line options you can use.

I have not used v4.0 so I cannot tell of any improvements. For me, the only valuable stuff in this obfuscator is its member name obfuscation which is fairly standard anyway.

They use XHEO Licensing (fail! ) in Personal Edition, is it the same in Enterprise?
I have no idea what kind of licensing does it use. However I looked at the code with ILSpy. It seems that Demeandor itself has been used to protect the assembly since the control-flow obfuscation and the string encryption are the same. I noticed a bunch of p/invoke methods calling various driver, registry and other API Windows functions which I think is the protection you mention.

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