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Hi Kao,

Thanks for your reply. I've managed to deobfuscate few methods, with short implementations, using the method you posted, successfully. I used Reflexil to change the instructions otherwise it would take me years for longer or complex methods. Now I would like to ask you two questions. 1) I was trying to deobfuscate the method 'Login_Click', which has longer lines of codes, and I followed the method you told me i.e deobfuscating consecutive Jumping instructions which occur plenty times in the method. It's so tiresome to carefully follow and deobfuscate the jumping instructions but anyways I managed to do it. But when I opened it finally using C#, it says 'Object reference is not set to an instance of an object..'! Are there any other IL Codes, besides the jumping instructions, that should be deobfuscated?
2) In the .EXE application, there is a namespace named 'A' right above the namespace 'mainGUI'. Within it there are different long alpha numeric definitions that give no meaning at all. And these are referred by different methods found in the 'mainGUI' namespace. What are these definitions or strings? Were they obfuscated also? If so, is there another pattern used to obfuscate the application besides the jumping instructions way?

Thank you kao and i'll look forward to hearing from you

Dear Kao,
I've been waiting for your response for so long. Please, I would really appreciate it if you could give me assistance on overcoming my problem. I tried everything I can and did my best actually. Just see my previous post and reach your hands out for me.

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