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Default Rainbow / Sentinel dongle, who can remove the query?

Have here an additional prog for AutoCAD 2002LT, possibly run with newer versions. Can probably install both on 7, the V + Z plugin requires a dongle, but always ask for the dongle, although this is in the LPT port!

At 7 in the 32-bit version, as well as the 64-well version installed, dongle via PCI card is not recognized. (Not even on a slightly older machine that still has an LPT port!)

(All were not so tragic if the company has not closed.

Bought it at a virtual (VMWare Workstation) on XP installed below 7. But the same: the dongle is not recognized!

Can someone help, because that is the prog use without dongle?

My hope, since many still use XP, and this prog is useful for other users. Would be glad if there is someone working on the necessary clue with. I also can decompile using prog, but in order to crack a dongle, or probably easier, remove the dongle query, but there is something more.

Download AutoCAD 2002 Lt - Activate keys see below.
Copy with Alcohol 120%. Mount it with alc or daemon's tool, then it works. With Virtual Clone Drive e.g. it dosn't run!

Serial: 700-51125710
Autho Code: 97908257

A rar prog and older, but simple and good, special for architect's.


The dongle is for the following prog: 3D Studio Viz R3i from Autodesk.

I've found a 3dsviz.exe without dongle neccessary! But, there is a password neccessary!!!!

Is here anyone, who can crack the password???? [pup = rar]

Please, tell me.

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