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Default strong name protection issue?

a .net 4 program A.exe, called a few .net dlls , say B.dll, c.dll, and D.dll. all these exetuables have strong name protections.
the main dongle protection code is in B.dll. I have used Ilasm to dump the "" from B.dll. I remove the dongle protection code and also strong name code by editing, and then recombile the modified into a new B.dll. use this new DLL to replace the old B.dll. I have also removed strong name protection for all these programs. but A.exe is not able to run.
have I made any mistake?
I am not sure but I think it is due to the strong name protection. I noticed that even though I don't modify the dumped, and recombile it into B.dll. A.exe is still not runnable. I notice that the file size of this new B.dll is different from the original one even though I don't make any change of the
anybody can comment on my issue?

thanks a lot!
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