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Default Getting Data from Binary EMB files.

Hello everyone,

I have been given a task on fetching data from EMB file formats. Don't exactly know if everybody is aware to it. However these formats are Wilcom File Formats. There are no viewers or openers except Wilcom's free TrueSizer. So this a proprietary? format.

What is an EMB?
It is a object based CAD data file with stitch information.
Stores vector information,
Stores bitmap image(s)

How far i have got?
So far i have been able to get the structure of the file. It is a OLE Object File or OLE Storage File.

After Exploring it with Structured Storage Viewer. It gives me 7 objects
2) Contents
4) DesignDocument
5) | SummaryInformation
7) WilcomDesginInformationDDD

My keen interest is in Fetching the TrueView_ICON and WilcomDesignInformationDDD
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