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Old 12-13-2009, 08:09 AM
min2max min2max is offline
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I am new to reverse engineering altho I am experienced programmer. Basically, I want to decompile a .net dll so I can look at the source code (method names and data structures at least). This dll is used by another application and is not an exe file.

I can not open the file in .net reflector (invalid number of data directories in NT header). I can open the dll in CFF explorer, but the interesting classes/methods are obfuscated. I used a tool called DotNetId that says it is most likely protected by MaxtoCode.


1. how can I de-obfuscate this dll?
2. are there tools to decompile this dll?

also, what does unpack mean exactly?


after doing a lot more reading I dont think this dll is protected by maxtocode as I cannot find the maxtocode runtime dll on my computer.

Ok, I am able to view the IL with ildasm1.1.exe. The most interesting class is partially obfuscated/encrypted (the member variables names are encrypted). Other class names are also encrypted. So either I somehow figure out how to decrypt to make it more readable OR is there a way to decompile from the IL? I am basicially flying by the seat of my pants here. This is probably child's play for someone who knows this stuff. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

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Old 12-13-2009, 12:54 PM
Kurapica Kurapica is offline
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invalid number of data directories in NT header
usually means an old version of .NET reactor !
so many tutors on this, google google google
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